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Below is a brief description of a few of the major benefits the company offers....


Over the years Santa Barbara Homes have built strong relationships with many major suppliers.  The company is able to enjoy many discounts, which are  passed directly on to the client. This cuts out the middle margin. As a client you receive all your materials at our wholesale cost. We are able to save clients 20% - 50% over normal retail prices on a major proportion of the timber , materials and hardware costs. You use our buying power to buy direct from the distributors.

Our transparent billing system allows our clients to view exactly what they are paying for as well as providing detailed breakdowns as to what each stage of construction is costing.

We charge a prearranged fee to manage the building of your home to ensure no conflict of interest.


Upon commencement of a project the company is able to provide preliminary estimates for all costs involved in the project . This service allows our clients to have a feel of what their budget is as well as get an idea of what are the direct major costs involved with their new home.

Once the working drawings are available we are able to provide  accurate details of all costs involved  with the project. These costs are derived through direct consultations with the many sub traders, retailers, wholesalers and suppliers involved.

Access to Materials

From the point of initiation we able to consult with the clients and provide them with the options available in order to customize the many existing building materials to that of their dream home.

We keep up to date with home theatre, "smart house" technology, materials and the most recent improvements in the home building technology sector. The stone for your fireplace can come from Wanaka and the kitchen can come from Milan, the exciting opportunities that lie before you are limitless. Items can be custom made to suit your house or lifestyle at a  reasonable cost. Most importantly, we are familiar with local reliable tradesmen who are able to perform to the best possible level of finish. Having the right people on the job shows in the finish home. 

Both through experience and ready samples we are able to pair the styles, needs and feel of your  home to the appropriate buildings technology required.   

Regular Updates

By continuously being in touch with suppliers and tradesmen , we are always receiving updates on the various new materials and improvement offered in the building industries. 

Finishing details

The team at Santa Barbara Homes have great experience and ability to mould the items of your newly built home to fit individual needs, desires and lifestyle.

Working closely with you we are able to create your newly built house into a home.


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